Welcome to the Coffeechug Crowdsourcing Wiki Experiment


Getting Started

Thank you so much for considering helping out with this project. First, there really is no wrong information. My ultimate goal would be to have a wiki that would be loaded with all information needed for anyone to learn how to improve their PLN's and sources to crowd source ideas. For the sake of the presentation I just want to be able to show how if you plant a seed(like this wiki) that the amazing people one can connect with online will improve ourselves as both people and educators. When I present I would like to be able to say how I started this wiki bare bones and now we have had x amount of people share what they know and look at how much we all benefit by sharing our own ideas and knowledge. So in short, share whatever you would like as there is nothing that won't fit! We can add a new page if you have a topic not listed. Feel free to share tips, resources, blogs, people to follow, instructions, etc. Hope this helps

How This Works....

The overall concept is pretty simple. Think about what you know, who you know, what resources you have, etc. that could help other educators and people get started with creating a PLN. By creating a PLN we can then shift into the mindset of crowd sourcing ideas to improve our teaching and professional aspects of our lives. Pretty simple!

Basically you can do one or more of the following
1. Find a page on the topic you know something about, have had experience with, and/or have resources that would help others.
2. Once you are on that page, then click "edit" and type your thoughts, add your hyperlinks, upload your photos, diagrams, presentations, etc.
3. Be sure to add your name and what you would like to share to the contribution page so we can keep track of everyone who has helped out.
4. If you don't see a page fitting your needs, then create a new using the "Pages and Files" and you are good to go.
5. Any questions, thoughts, ideas please contact Aaron Maurer and aarmau@gmail.com

Goals of this wiki

1. Create a collection of resources to help get people started
2. Create a collection of tools for people to explore to enhance their PLN so they can enhance their crowd sourcing
3. Create a breathing living document that showcases what I am presenting
4. To collect voices from many people about their ideas, thoughts, examples, etc. to provide a well rounded vision of PLN and crowd sourcing
5. To showcase how awesome people really are!

If you want to know about specific tools, apps, website, etc. that I use in my classroom visit

If you need to contact Aaron Maurer please see one of the following:




Please contact me if you have information to share, know of experts, willing to connect with classes, would like to join the project, have feedback to help make this better, or simply have a question.

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