Mollie Koniers, gifted support coordinator in School District of Springfield Township (Pennsylvania)

Students in our 6th Grade Gifted Support program have piloted Edmodo this year with great success.

Tanya Morret (from IU 15 Gifted Network) originally shared the doc with me during a training. She uses it as part of her "Boot Camp" for gifted support training on Edmodo.

Andrea Dutton, Math and STEM teacher in Hampton, NH

I connected with other teachers on Edmodo. We all had our students participate in the "Pringles Challenge". Students designed and created a package to send one pringle chip safely to another school. Students connected with other students on edmodo as well as skype.
I will piggyback off the Pringles Challenge. My students(Aaron Maurer) also did a Pringles Challenge via Edmodo and Skype. It was a great learning opportunity for the students and a great way to connect. Here is my blog post for more information.

Jeffrey Shoemaker, Gifted Intervention Specialist, Lima, OhioI use Edmodo to keep track of grades, but more importantly I use it to stay connected to my students. My students are bussed to me from different schools. I only see them one day a week. So with the use of Edmodo, I can stay connected, we can discuss their work, and they can post their work to me they finish in their home school.
Karen Justl, Educational Technology Facilitator, Houston, TXWe use Edmodo in classrooms from primary thru high school. Teaches and students like the platform. Many are using it to facilitate a "flipped" classroom. A really terrific feature for us in the Google Docs integration since we are a Google Apps district. We also purchase the GoAnimate app from the Edmodo store.