I have a few projects and ideas where I have utilized the masses to help myself have a better project. Here are a few to share

1. Speed Geek Presentation Session - As I was preparing for a presentation I used a Google Document for feedback on my ideas. The crowd sourcing was amazing. So much so that I completely took things in a whole new direction. Here is the Google Document so you can see an example of how everyone provided feedback. Be sure to check the document as well as the comments.

2. Bald Eagle Project - this is a global project about bald eagles. I have chosen to share this project as part of crowd sourcing because this whole project has been utlilized by so many. Several teachers from several states and countries have contributed ideas as well as projects along the way. Now people who watch the bald eagle camera are helping to crowd source information. It has been a wonderful project that has really taken things to a new level in terms of collaboration.


3. Choose 2 Matter Campaign

Yesterday I gave a presentation about crowdsourcing and today I just had to share a wonderful example. Trevor Snodgrass, an 8th grader at BMS submitted a video and it made the cut. I just had to share to let people know the power of crowdsourcing.