One of my latest ideas is to create a simple step by step guide to help new teachers out with creating their very own PLN. I will be adding new tasks each week to help bring new teachers up to speed.

I think the easiest and most powerful tool to use and be comfortable with is Twitter. It is quick, easy, and very powerful for educators to begin to network.

I hope you find this useful and at any point during this journey please let me know if you have suggestions, questions, concerns, or ideas.

This whole course will use the hashtag #coffeechugPLN

I recently had all tasks and directions shared on this page, but after adding a few more tasks I felt it was getting too cluttered and lengthy so I have opted to just provide links to each individual task. If you don't like that approach please let me know and I will add it all back. This just seems better looking to the eye.

Task 0: Create a Twitter account

I am not going to go into detail about creating a Twitter account. Simply go to I will be coming back in a later task to talk about your profile page and making it effective and proper. At this point I am not worried about this information yet. The key piece is to have an account. Just choose your name wisely!

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