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Here is a Linoit with many great Twitter resources.

Twitter 101: Starting with Twitter to create PLN(video to help aid in presentation)

Twitter 102: Hashtags, Chat, Q and A, and Tweetdeck

Twitter Hashtags for people to check out and follow

A link to 2012 Twitter Hashtags -

#IAedchat Jimmy Casas, Principal Bettendorf High School

Over a year ago, I made a conscientious decision to set a personal goal for myself to become more of a connected learner through social media in order to grow a more meaningful network, expand my knowledge of available resources to share with my team and staff, and to gain greater insight on educational topics in order to be able to teach others. In the course of the last year, I have made hundreds of connections with other educators who are as motivated as I am to not only keep learning, but to also share my knowledge and expertise with others educators. By doing so, it has opened up other opportunities for me to explore and develop as an educator.

This past November, Aaron Becker (@Aaron_Becker) , Principal at Fairfield High School, Bettendorf High School Associate Principal, Matt Degner (@MWDegner) and I (casas_jimmy) decided to start #IAedchat as a way to bring Iowa educators and others from across the globe who were connected on Social Media (twitter) together on a weekly basis to discuss educational topics of interest to educators. On January 6, 2013, we hosted our first #IAedchat. We meet weekly on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. CST.

Twitter Tools

1. Tweetdeck - I personally use this tool daily. This app allows the user to create columns where each column is a hashtag, person, messages, or interactions on Twitter. I find this app to be incredibly helpful when following a single chat as I can just follow the one particular column. Super easy to use and learn.

2. 10 Great Twitter Tools -

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